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Tayali, first wife divorce


THE Lusaka High Court has dissolved the marriage between Economic and Equity party leader Chilufya Tayali and his first wife Marie-Reine Ingabire Rutagwera .

In granting divorce, Justice Sharon Newa said the evidence before her proved that the marriage between Tayali and Rutagwera had broken down irretrievably as the parties have lived apart for a continuous period of two years immediately preceding the presentation of the petition and Tayali’s consent to divorce being granted.  In this matter, Rutagwera petitioned the Court to dissolve her marriage of 12 years to Tayali as it had broken down irretrievably.

He said the company was keen to partner with institutions, companies or individuals who embrace the principles of ethical and responsible investment.

She said  Tayali consented to the dissolution of the said marriage. Rutagwera said there were previous proceedings in the High court with regards to the said marriage under cause no. 2010/HPD/106 but were abandoned after the record went missing at the High court since 2013.

Tayali’s first wife explained that she petitioned for dissolution of marriage on December 7, 2010 and filed her submissions and judgement date was set for February 2013 and Justice Emelia Sunkutu was transferred from Lusaka and no judgement had since been rendered.

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