PF to sue Nevers Mumba

THE Patriotic Front has threatened to sue MMD president Nevers Mumba over his allegations that the ruling party rigged the Lukashya Parliamentary by-election in Kasama.

“We are contemplating taking Mr Mumba to court so that he can prove his rigging allegations,” PF deputy Secretary-General Mumbi Phiri said.
Ms Phiri said allegations that PF rigged elections were serious and that it was prudent for Dr Mumba to prove his claims in the courts.
She said the party’s legal team was contemplating on taking Mr Mumba to court.
“Those allegations are very serious and we are going to discuss with our legal team but I can comfortably say we should take Dr Mumba to court,” Ms Phiri said.
She said Dr Mumba should have reported his allegations to police as opposed to rushing to the media.
Ms Phiri said Dr Mumba would be taken to court so that he could be compelled to mention the name of the senior PF official who told him about rigging.
Ms Phiri maintained there was no rigging in Lukashya constituency as claimed by Dr Mumba and that the electorate voted for the PF can-didate because they appreciated Government’s developmental agenda.
She dismissed allegations that the PF had set up computer servers to hack into the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) system.
Ms Phiri said lies that PF had hacked ECZ system were there even in 2016 but no one came forth to prove the allegations.

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