Stop misinformation

Dear Editor,
AS national students mobilisation coordinator’s office, we are dismayed and disturbed at the propaganda and lies being peddled by enemies of progress.
The Copperbelt Province mobilisation committee chairman who’s also Kabushi MP and Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has no unfulfilled obligations in terms of pledges made to any groupings and anyone claiming that has ill motives and an agenda to derail a good cause.
We therefore wish to warn all those with ulterior motives to stay away from politicking on matters of great importance. Mr Lusambo re-mains committed to his pledges and anyone inciting marketeers in Luanshaya to rise is doing so at their own detriment.
We shall not be cowed into believing your lies because the mobilisation team nationwide under the able chairmanship of Richards Musukwa has a duty to strengthen the party at all levels.
We have a greater mandate to secure a 120 percent victory for ECL in 2021 hence the need to focus on important issues. We are behind the great works Mr Lusambo and his team have done in this short period.
Viva Bowman Chilosha Lusambo.
Viva mobilisation committee.
Viva ECL 2021.
Viva PF.
PF National Students Mobilisation Coordinator.

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