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Chikwanda counsels Hamusonde

CHIEF Hamusonde’s claims that President Edgar Lungu and the ECZ are stealing people’s votes are irresponsible and should be condemned by all peace loving Zambians, Chief Chikwanda of Mpika district has said.

Chief Chikwanda said the continued smear campaign against the ECZ are unfortunate and should not be tolerated.
Chief Chikwanda said the invalidation of old voter’s register does not amount to rigging of 2021 general elections.
He said the continued attacks against the ECZ has potential to put peace and security of the country at risk.
The Traditional leader said there was nothing illegal with invalidation of the old voter’s register and the online pre-registration does not amount to stealing of votes for 2021.
Chief Chikwanda said ECZ is an autonomous body that should be allowed to operate independent.
“The unnecessary attacks against the Electoral Commission of Zambia are a recipe for chaos and therefore should be condemned,” he said.
Chief Chikwanda said it was the responsibility of all Zambians to safeguard the peace the country has been enjoying.
He said Chief Hamusonde as a traditional should be in the forefront of preaching peace as opposed to issuing statements that have potential to put the country on fire.
Traditional leaders should be in the forefront of preaching peace therefore statements that are detrimental to the peace and security of the nation should be avoided,” Chief Chikwanda said.

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